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Taken from the "Yankee" magazine 1975


January 1974 the work began,
by mid April,
1974 all squares were completed.

42 Squares,   Each 13 Inches, 
The Entire Quilt Measures 109" x 94" 

     The scenes portrayed in the Contoocook Village Quilt are as Follows, from left to right, top to bottom:
Georges Park                                                                     West Hopkinton Bridge       
Dr. Lightfoot Residence                                                   Firemen
Catholic Church                                                               Old  A & P Block
Telephone Office and Police                                          Village Paraade
Perkins Manor                                                                  Post Office
A & P Store                                                                        Bates Library
Contoocook Square                                                         Old High School
Grange Hall                                                                       Mildred Reed's Writers Colony   
Old Kingsbury & Davis                                                   Amesbury Swimming Hole 
Old Dam                                                                              Shell Station
The Nostalgic Country Store                                          The Kimball Nursing Home
The Bank                                                                             Methodist Church
Legion Hall                                                                         Children
Horace Stanley Residence                                               Foster Bernard Residence
Sullivan Residence                                                           Richard Lord Residence
Community Center                                                            Mt Lookout House 
Reeds Store                                                                        Hopkinton Fair
The Fountain                                                                     Christmas Tree
Railroad Station                                                               Bohanan Farm
Houston Farm                                                                    Baptist Church 
The Browsery                                                                     Hopkinton-Everett Dam