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Make Dolls and Money from Home

Print Order Form

You Choose:

Skin Color;     Light        Medium        Dark             

Hair Color:    Black, ,   Red,    Yellow

Length Of Hair:   Short with Earrings,  Long with Bows 

Dress:  Gingham  Or   Floral  Only

Apron;    Red,  Blue,  Green,  Yellow 

Kits Are Included  

Sewing Kit    Manicure Kit    Hair Accessory Kit                           

 Mail with your payment.   Write Clearly Please,   Thank you!
Your Dolls Name                                                                                
Name Of Your Referral________________________________________
Your Name                                                                                               
City                                              State                           Zip               
Check Or Money Order      $ 30.00 a doll              Sh. & H. Included   
Delma Rose Designs, 450 B Street, Suite 100, San Diego, Ca. 92101
Print order form, on the back write your referrals name and address. 
You can get a $5.00 discount on your doll purchase,
Or earn $5.00 cash after she pays for her doll.
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