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Make Dolls and Money from Home

 What's More Famous Than Ebay?
1995,  Ebay was born.
Let me take you back 21 years, to the first Saturday in May 1983,
at 6:30 am.  Under clear skies,... the biggest Doll show on the West Coast, the Nancy Jo show in Vallejo, California... four buildings full of dolls plus hundreds more on the lawn and patio, all offered by 600 sellers and approximately 800 tables. 
Five or six Doll Clubs arrive in chartered buses,
while anxious shoppers come by the car load...
ten years later the Doll shows more than doubled...
.you can read the rest in the March / April
" Doll Reader "  2005 pages 58--59.
Buy A Doll, Or Help Sell One.  
Refer aome one.
When they pay their order, you make money.
 For Every Doll You Help Sell You Earn Five Dollars
 Write To:
Delma Rose Doll Designs
450 B Street, Suit 100
San Diego, Ca. 91950