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Sunbonnets Go As Far 
As 1884
 Great website on Sunbonnets
" Sunbonnet Sue History "
Sunbonnet redwork goes as far back as 1884, and there is a book by the title, " Meeting of The Sunbonnet Children " by Betty Hagerman, you'll also see beautiful pictures of Sunbonnets from long ago.   This Lady did a lot of research,    I really enjoyed it. 
The Alaskan Kuspuk Sunbonnet is a
" NEW Pattern "
On The Market.
" Kuspuk Sunbonnet "
What's A Kuspuk?
            The Kuspuk Is To The Eskimos, What 
                       The Moo Moo Is To The Hawaiians             

The Littlest Kuspuk

A Hooded Dress For an 11 inch Doll.  Alaskas oldest Store had Kuspuk pattern sizes for women, and girls.  It also had patterns for Dolls such as the All American Doll, the Cabbage Patch Dolls and of a 20 inch Doll included. The Native Alaskan clothing.     But no pattern of a Kuspuk was found for an 11 inch Doll . In 1996, after many women touring to Anchorage  Alaska asking for the pattern,  I set out to design it.      Enjoy it.          Delma Rose Dolls Copyright 1996 


  " The Alaskan Little Kuspuk "

And A Contest

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