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NEW ! Alaskan Kuspuk Sunbonnets



"Kuspuk - Qaspeq"

Is from the Yupik language, one of many of the Alaska Native Tribes.
    The Kuspuk" is understood to be a "hooded pull-over or cover-all." An outer shell garment. Parkas are made of Rabbit, Foxes, Minks etc. Traditionally a
fur lining was worn inward towards the skin, and a fur lining outwardly. The Kuspuk became the coverall that was worn to keep the outer fur lining clean.  This was called the "QASPEQ." 
      The Kuspuk is now made into a Parka Jacket, or Hooded Dress.

Made of brightly colored calico cotton prints for summer wear or velveteen like material for winter.  It may be trimmed with rick-rack or a more fancy trim, or both rick-rack and trims. 
 Some kusbuks are made simple and pretty, 
 some are made fancy and elegant, using velveteen burgandies or deep blues then trimmed with rick-rack gold, silver or both.
Quilters are quaranteed to have fun with this brand new pattern,
"Alaskan Kuspuk Sunbonnets"
   A Delma Rose Dolls 
   Copyright 1996 
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Alaskas Little Kusbuk

 A Classic Kuspuk Pattern
   Parka & Hoodedskirt
   For an 11" doll.
$15.00 S.H. Incl. 
  Delma Rose Quezada
 646 A Street # 212
  San Diego, Ca. 92101

 Introducing The
 "NEW "
 Kuspuk Sunbonnet
   Quilting Pattern $10.00

"NEW "
"Alaskan Kuspuk Sunbonnet" 

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